Virtual Services

Now offering virtual support and education services.

Many pregnant people and new families are feeling additional strain and anxiety due to the COVID-10 outbreak. SageMama is now providing the following services online via Zoom. Because this has been a particularly difficult time for many people financially, all of the following services are offered “pay what you can” suggested fees are listed as guidance only. Please know these classes are offered judgement free and no one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

  • Birth consultations
    We’ll discuss when to go to the hospital, possible interventions, and the postpartum hospital stay; together, we will create document to share with your support team & care provider. Should you decide later to use me as a doula, payment will be applied to the birth support fee, and the session will be considered a prenatal visit.
    Suggested fee: $85
  • Postpartum consultations
    We’ll talk about your thoughts and anticipated needs during the postpartum period and how you can make sure your needs are addressed postpartum. This includes: managing the day-to-day, creating a support network, tips for streamlining the hazy days, finding help if you need it and going back to work, together we’ll make up a postpartum plan to ease your transition into parenthood.
    Suggested fee $85
  • Breastfeeding support
    As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist®, I can help with common breastfeeding problems virtually through discussion and visuals.  Typical sessions vary but you can expect this online session to last at least an hour.
    Suggested fee: $85
  • Ongoing postpartum doula support
    Online sessions include checking in on you, your baby, and your partner, providing infant feeding support (including breastfeeding support), providing infant soothing & sleep techniques, infant and new parent education and support, discussing strategies to manage food/infant care/ sleep/life balance/general overwhelm, troubleshooting things that come up and answering the many “Is this normal?” questions, thoughts, and concerns without judgement. Suggested fee: $35 per hour long session.

  • Breastfeeding Classes
    This 3 hours class is designed to cover the ins and outs for breastfeeding from right after birth to going back to work. Topics include: supporting your baby’s instincts, milk composition, working on your latch, avoiding pitfalls, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, bottle feeding, how partners can help, supply and demand, and how much milk do you really need saved up before going back to work?
    Suggested fee: $125 per couple, 10% discount for Sage Mama or A Brighter Birth clients.

  • All prenatal and postpartum visits for in-person birth clients

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