Upcoming events

Meet the Doulas
April 14, June 9, July 28
12 – 2pm
at A Brighter Birth- 112 N. Boulevard
Have questions about birth and postpartum? Want to start building your birth and postpartum team?
Meet me along with the other fabulous doulas in the A Brighter Birth Collective!

Group Classes

A Brighter Breastfeeding Class
Every 3rd Wednesday
Next class: April 17, 2019, 6-9pm
At A Brighter Birth
112 North Boulevard Richmond VA 23220

A comprehensive breastfeeding course taught by myself and Hunter Moore of The Mindful Birth. This 3 hours class is designed to cover the ins and outs for breastfeeding from right after birth to going back to work.
Topics include: supporting your baby’s instincts, milk composition, working on your latch, avoiding pitfalls, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, bottle feeding, how partners can help, supply and demand, and how much milk do you really need saved up before going back to work?
Cost is $125 per couple, 10% discount for Sage Mama or A Brighter Birth clients.
to register email

Private Classes

Breastfeeding Class

We’ll meet in your home at a time that is convenient for you and your partner and address your specific breastfeeding thoughts and concerns.  We’ll cover the breastfeeding experience from how milk is made, how supply is maintained, latch, maximizing sleep, pumping, bottle feeding, and going back to work.
One session runs approximately 2 hours, but I’ll stay until all questions are answered.
$85 Per couple
To Schedule a class email

Private Life After Birth Class
On going

We spend a lot of time an energy focusing on the upcoming birth (and for good reason) but what about life after birth? This personalized, in-home class addresses three different parts of the “fourth trimester”:  your baby, the postpartum mind and body, and the smoothing the transition with creating a personal postpartum plan.
This class is designed to give you and your partner an idea of what to expect in the weeks after your baby is born, provide you with knowledge and resources so you can welcome your new baby with confidence.
$85 Per couple
To Schedule a class email